Marine Awning Fabrics


Sunbrella can be used for marine seats and marine awning projects including biminis, enclosures and t-tops.  It can also be used for marine covers It is 100% dyed acrylic; therefore, it is perfect for marine canopies and any outdoor style living.  This material is expandable.  

Cleaner: 303 Multisurface Cleaner 

Protectant: 303 Fabric Guard


Coastguard is very similar Sunbrella but a hair lighter.  9oz vs 9.25oz.

Cleaner: 303 Multisurface Cleaner

Protectant: 303 Fabric Guard


Docril can be used for awnings, unbrellas, and outdoor upholstery.  It is very similar to Sunbrella but it retains its shape better.  It is also water resistant, heat resistant, corrosion and cracking resistant.  Reduces solar heat up to 90%; therefore, it is also used for marine canopies and outdoor style living. 

Cleaner: Soft bristle brush and water, use mild detergent if needed.

Top Gun 

Top Gun is 100% woven polyester fabric that is revesible.  Perfect for marine tops, trailer covers, and patio furniture.  Because it is mildew resistant, puncture resistant, and highly water repellent it can also be used for marine canopies.  Some may prefer Top Gun over any other fabric because it is easy to clean. 

Cleaner: Mild soap, baking soda

Protectant: Aqua Tite Green 


BonCote is thicker and heavier than any other fabrics above.  It is a pvc coated fabric.  It is used for truck tarpaulins, fumigation tarps, sea container covers, irrigation ditch liners.  Sometimes it is also used for certain small boat covers.  Since it is PVC, it is recommended to use for small projects since, lifting a large cover or top made with Bondcote may become a problem.   

Cleaner: Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray

Protectant: None 


Tempotest fabrics are engineered to be strong, durable and resistant to stains.  It has an exrra protection against bacteria, dust mites, fungus, rotting, grease and oil.  Made with 100% solution dyed acrylic, made in Italy.  Great for outdoor shades and marine canopies as well.

Cleaner: 303 Multisurface Cleaner

Protectant: 303 Fabric Guard


Stamoid is a little more expensive than any fabric mentioned.  It is a woven polyester base with a vinyl coating on both sides of the fabric. Stamoid does not shrink or expand.  Recommended for enclosures, dodgers, t tops. It covers 100% of UV rays. Stamoid comes in various weights, consult your awning specialist to choose the right weight for your project.  

Cleaner: Imar Stamoid Marine Vinyl Cleaner

Protectant: Imar Stamoid Marine Vinyl Protective Spray

Sur Last

Sur Last is a solution dyed polyester fabric with a urethane coating.  It is designed to be flexible and lightweight.  Sur Last is recommended for large boat covers, car covers, luggage, and camping enclosures.  

If you would like a spec sheet for any of the fabrics listed above, please contact us at 

Cleaner: Mild soap (Woolite, Dreft, Ivory) 


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